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Brad Pitt’s Green Homes Getting Top Architectural Honors

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Originally today I was going to write about the state of reusable bags in New Jersey, but considering it’s been a while (what with the holiday and all) I thought you might want to hear something a little bit cheerier while still on the environmental front. Then I read over at Ecorazzi that Architectural Digest is giving Brad Pitt some major recognition for his efforts toward sustainability in New Orleans, and I thought: perfect.

The magazine is spotlighting Pitt for his work in New Orleans through his Make It Right Foundation. “I couldn’t believe nothing was going on,” he said of his first visit to the devastated Lower 9th Ward. “I recalled the pictures of people on roofs, begging for help and I couldn’t believe that this was our America.”

As we now know, Pitt resolved to make a difference and brought together architects, residents and community leaders to draw up guidelines for rebuilding. Not only would the new homes be affordable, but they would also embody green technology, sustainable design — and most importantly — be adapted to survive the tumultuous weather of New Orleans.

The Pitt crew have 150 Pink Project homes slated for completion to date, which is a pretty big deal. Check out the official Make It Right Foundation website and see exactly what they’re all about — there’s a mission statement, fully laid-out plans, and information on how you too can help and even sponsor a home. It’s a great project, laying down foundations for some majorly awesome change.

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