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Weekly Link Round-Up: 08/28/09

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  • Reusable bag bacteria: the silent killer, or easily-remedied hysterics? Protip: wash your bags! [University of Idaho Argonaut]
  • When it comes to reusable bags, some smart mamas were ahead of their time. [Washington Post]
  • More Seattle citizens sound off on the voting down of the bag tax proposal. [Seattle Times]
  • The British Columbia Ministry of Education is all about reusable bags for back to school! [press release]
  • Walmart going green? While they aren’t Whole Foods just yet, it’s progress. [Home Intel]
  • Meanwhile, Dunkin Donuts launches a green initiative of their own with new recycling program. [PR Newswire]
  • Efforts to cut down on bag use are underway in Iowa! [Radio Iowa]
  • A shout-out to Whole Foods reusable bags in a Top Chef recap! [Access Atlanta]
  • Homer, AK, rewards companies for making the switch to plastic bag-free. [Homer Tribune]

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