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101 Uses For a Reusable Bag

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As a measure of our over and above and complete devotion to using reusable bags we have spent some time compiling a list of our favorite uses for . We encourage you all to make comments and tell us what your special thing is that you like to use them for. Thanks for stopping by and hope you like the list.

1) At the beach as your beach bag
2) At the park as your picnic bag
3) At the library as your library bag
4) At the Grocery store (Duh)
5) At the Meat store to carry your paper wrapped meats
6) At the amusement park to carry snacks and sweatshirts
7) At the pool as your pool bag
8) At the ski resort to carry your hat, gloves, wallet, etc..etc..
9) To the doctor’s office to hold your medical records
10) To church to carry your bible
11) To a food drive to carry your canned good
12) To the liquor store to pick up a nice cold 6 pack
13) To a recycling center to carry your recycled goods
14) To the golf course to carry your practice balls
15) To a friend’s birthday party to carry his/her gift
16) As a gift bag to hold a present and also be left to be used by your friend
17) As the wrapping paper for someone who doesn’t want to waste paper with wrapping paper
18) To the track in the summer to carry your lunch and programs
19) To the skate park to hold your skate tool, extra wheels, helmet
20) As the container to hold your raked up leaves to be dumped in a trash can (instead of big plastic bags)
21) On a fishing trip to hold your tackle and keys and sweatshirt
22) As a cooler to carry your beers on your bicycle
23) As your purse
24) As the trash can to clean out your filthy car
25) As a “to go” bag at a restaurant
26) At a car dealership to hand to you to “Clean Out” your old car
27) As a great fundraising idea
28) To store goods in your garage and keep them clean
29) To move with instead of cardboard boxes (my Mom used them for that)
30) To keep tools and car parts in
31) To go to a sleep over with
32) To bring to the mall to carry all your shopping stuff in
33) As a carry on at the airport (Mom again)
34) To hold your seldom worn sweaters in the closet (my wife)
35) To carry wine bottles in when you go to the wine shop
36) To hold your Chinese pick up dinner in
37) As a basket hanging from the handlebars on your bike
38) To hold your knitting supplies (Mom again)
39) To hold your sewing kit
40) As the container to hold your kids legos
41) As a diaper bag
42) In your pantry to hold your recycled goods
43) In the garden to hold your soil, shovel, etc…etc
44) On your boat to keep your jacket dry
45) While walking your dog to hold his doo-doo
46) As a giveaway at a trade show
47) As your Halloween bag
48) To carry your snowboard boots in
49) As your wetsuits transport bag while walking the trail at Blacks Beach
50) To carry your plastic bottles to the recycling bin
51) As a mask when you want to be the “unknown” something
52) For door to door church guys to hold pamphlets in
53) To hold camping supplies while on a camping trip
54) To hold fruit in while picking your fruit trees
55) To take to the farmers market on a beautiful summer day
56) To carry your tax info into the tax guys office during tax season
57) To carry your gas can when you run out of gas
58) To a clothing drive to hold all your old clothes
59) On your quad in Costa Rica to hold your Imperials
60) On a road trip to keep your snacks all in one place
61) To a job interview to carry your lap top and resume
62) To the bagel shop to fill with fresh bagels
63) As a storage container for your Christmas ornaments
64) As a present
65) To a girlfriends to surprise her with a romantic “Dinner on the Beach”
66) To the gym to hold your weight belt, gloves, towel
67) As a container to hold all your perfumes and hairsprays
68) To hold medicine and keep high out of reach of children
69) In the garage to hold your car wash supplies
70) In the trunk of your car to hold your emergency break down supplies
71) In the nursery to keep all baby’s supplies in order
72) To use the plastic insert as a place mat while eating some place dirty
73) To take with you before your morning yoga class
74) To lie flat on the ground and use as padding while sleeping outdoors
75) To carry your “pot Luck” to a friends for dinner
76) To hold all your old shoes
77) To carry items from your closet out to the garage for the garage sale
78) To hold over feet while walking on sharp rocks
79) In the vineyard to pick and hold grapes in
80) To baseball practice to carry practice balls
81) To hold your Bocce set and carry to the beach
82) To be used at the beach for a “beach cleanup” day
83) To transport potted plants from nursery home without dirtying up your car
84) At tennis practice with all the balls inside it
85) On a construction site full of nails
86) To art class to hold your art supplies
87) To cooking class to hold your favorite recipes and knife
88) To a football game to carry your binoculars and shhh! (secret flask)
89) To college to carry all your books
90) To be used in dorm rooms as recycling baskets (and basketball hoops)
91) To carry your “wares” to the Tupperware party
92) To transport props to a model shoot
93) Back stage at a broadway show for make up
94) On an airplane as a “Barf” bag
95) To the beach while “shelling”
96) To hold your baseball collection with
97) At Sea World to hold sardines in
98) To an “eco-cycling” center to carry old phones and computers
99) To take the place of a dust pan in the kitchen
100) To hold lawn fertilizer in while fertilizing
101) At the ice cream shop for transporting cold ice cream back to hungry roommates

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