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Earth Hour Aftermath

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Last Friday we posted about Earth Hour — a global event, taking place this past Saturday night, in which everyone was encouraged to turn off their lights for one hour in a bid to make an impact on the environment. It was the subject of much controversy as some rallied behind it while others ranted against it. To the latter: sure, one hour of reduced electricity usage may or may not make a wild life-changing difference, but the true point of this was to get people thinking on a larger scale about what can be done — as an ongoing measure — to help improve our environment.

Despite the naysayers, Earth Hour went as planned, and the result was a heightened awareness of needless electricity waste — and some stunning photographs. has images from seventeen landmarks around the globe, both before and after the lights went out. The visual impact of seeing places like Big Ben or the Eiffel Tower powered down is effective, thought-provoking, and a testament to the project’s success. Check it out! You will not be disappointed.

Hat tip to Ecorazzi!

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